Science Journalism

Fanni Daniella Szakal

I am a science journalist, former marine biologist, adventurer
and aspiring documentary filmmaker.
I also dabble in Photography and Arts.

November 2021, Eos

Forecasting Geohazards in the Age of Gas Hydrate ExploitationA curious breath-like pattern exhibited by gas hydrates may help forecast hazards associated with extracting them from the seafloor.

August 2021, Hakai magazine

Guiana Dolphins Are Unintended Victims of Venezuela’s Economic CrisisWith sky-high inflation rates and crumbling social support, impoverished Venezuelans are increasingly targeting the struggling species.

July 2021, Wine Enthusiast

The Cultivation Method That Makes This Hungarian Wine a Legend

April 2021, Eos

A Massive Methane Reservoir Is Lurking Beneath the SeaScientists have found a methane reservoir below the permafrost seabed of the Laptev Sea—a reservoir that could suddenly release large amounts of the potent greenhouse gas.

March 2021, Massive Science

Retracting publications doesn’t stop them from influencing scienceThese “Zombie papers” keep on getting cited, with huge ripple effects

January 2021, Ensia

Can global innovation competitions unearth the next sustainability solution? – Entrepreneurs from low- and middle-income countries face many obstacles. These programs help their breakthrough ideas see the light of day.

August 2020, Massive Science

Invasive species are pushing close to the boundaries of protected areasProtected areas are successful at maintaining ecosystems, but for how long?

June 2020, Massive Science

Viruses exploit marine bacteria for energyThese minuscule interactions could have ripple effects on global carbon dioxide levels


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I also paint and work on different art projects.

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